Broken Windows by Fiona Clarke

Fiona Raye Clarke – Playwright

Chiamaka G. Ugwu – Director

Donna-Michelle St. Bernard – Dramaturgy 

Jaymie Sampa – Mabel

Anthony N. Morgan – Eddie

Roberto Esteves – Farouk

Arlen Aguayo Stewart– Nahina

Angelica Appleman – Narrator/Ensemble

broken-windows-4-1024x683When a fight breaks out on a streetcar, Toronto’s newly instituted broken windows policing strategy which sees harsh punishments for petty crimes, leads to a fatal shooting. Two women are forced to deal with the fallout.

Fiona Raye Clarke is a Trinidadian-Canadian playwright, community artist, and student-at-law and is the editor of Basodee: An Anthology Dedicated to Black Youth and the forthcoming anthology Black Like We: Troubleshooting the Black Experience which was the winner of the 2014 ArtReach Youth Arts Pitch Contest. She leads the youth oral history theatre project on the effects of post-racialism on the Black Community called Intergeneracial supported by Jumblies Theatre and funded by ArtReach and the Toronto Arts Council. Her ten-minute play Broken Windows, created during her residency at the InspiraTO Playwriting Academy and originally featured in the 2015 InspiraTO Festival, is being expanded with the support of Obsidian Theatre Company and the Ontario Arts Council Theatre Creators’ Reserve and will be featured in b current’s 14th rock.paper.sistahz festival. An Artist-Facilitator at Jumblies Theatre and Youth Coordinator at MABELLEarts, she holds a Master of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School at York University. 


Take d Milk, Nah? by Jiv Parasram


This is the story of when I once birthed a cow. Sort of.


Jivesh Parasram is a multidisciplinary artist, facilitator, and researcher of Indo-Caribbean descent. His work has played to audiences in Canada, Italy, and the Caribbean. He is a founding member and Artistic Producer of Pandemic Theatre, the Associate Artistic Producer at Theatre Passe Muraille, a core member of The Wrecking Ball, and currently serves on the Toronto Arts Council Theatre Committee. Publication credits include Playwrights Canada Press (forthcoming),, The Leveler, The Spider Web Show. Jiv is a “Cultural Leaders Lab Fellow” with the Toronto Arts Council and the Banff Centre in the 2016 cohort. Past credits in various capacities include: They Say He Fell, Birth, The Lost Sagas of Tjorvi the Flaccid, Mahmoud, Guantanamo Hotels & Resorts, My Gaza ‘Tis of Thee (Pandemic), The Emancipation of Ms Lovely (Ngozika/Pandemic), The Double (Bad New Days/NAC), The Business as Usual (ZOU), Aneemah’s Spot (MotionLive) | Upcoming: Daughter (quipTake/Pandemic/Summerworks), Situational Anarchy (Pressgang/Summerworks).


Monstrous by Sarah Waisvisz

Written and Performed by Sarah Waisvisz

Directed by Eleanor Crowder

A Calalou production

MonstrousPromoPhotoWaterWaterChrisSnowMonstrous is a 65-minute solo show integrating storytelling, multi-genre dance, music, song, projections, and audience interaction. It is a quest for roots, remembrance, and belonging; it is also a cutting, hard-hitting provocation about “multiculturalism” in Canada.

          “I am not black enough.  Not white enough either– never quite enough.”

In Monstrous I investigate my family’s multicultural and multi-racial history, my own genetics, and my experiences of racism and uneven privilege in our “multicultural” Canada. I investigate longing and belonging.

What does the body remember? What is the footprint of slavery four generations later? This is a show about learning to be a griot in the tradition of courageous women cultural keepers and storytellers. In a Canada that is increasingly international, multicultural, mixed-race, yet only beginning to come to grips with our colonial and white-privileged history, Monstrous is a startling wake-up call that puts pressure on how accepting we think we are.

SARAH WAISVISZ is a Playwright and Performer, and a co-producer of Calalou. She is a theatre maker, writer, dancer, PhD, and ex-academic, Sarah lives for creative collaborations and the challenge of making magic out of nothing. Recent adventures include outdoor Shakespeare (The Tempest and Macbeth) and indoor Tennessee Williams (The Glass Menagerie) with Bear & Co.; the yoga-comedy OCCUPY ME with Counterpoint Players; the site-specific-ambulatory-devised Six: At Home with Zopyra Theatre; and acrobatics and stilt shows with The Ottawa Stilt Union. Her work has been recognized with nominations and awards from Ottawa’s professional Prix Rideau Awards. Sarah is a member of GCTC’s Playwrights Network; as a playwright she has 4 new projects on the go including Heartlines, IloveOrangesAndHateThePort, The Happy Hooker Project, and the sequel to Monstrous entitled Griot!

8:00-10:00PM, doors 7:30PM
Location: Wychwood Theatre