rock.paper.sistahz’ first marathon of theatre+

Featuring trey anthony’s Black Mothers Don’t Say I Love You, Michaela Di Cesare’s 8 Ways my Mother was Conceived, Ngozi Paul’s The 1st Time Project, Catherine Hernandez’ I Cannot Lie to the Stars that Made Me, Amanda Parris’ The Other Side of the Game, and the b current rAiz’n Ensemble’s herstory. Late night dance party with DJ L’Oqenz, pancake breakfast with b current Artistic Directors, and storytelling for children with Lillian Allen.

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Full Line Up

13 Faces for The Hall Of Fame
a visual exhibition celebrating rAiz’n alumni
curated by Christopher Pinheiro
(ongoing throughout marathon)

Film screenings
Curated by Lucius Dechausay
daylight into sunset: 3-6PM on Saturday, May 17
sunrise: 4-7AM on Sunday, May 18

Kick-Off 1:00PM-3:00PM


by the rAiz’n Ensemble (Najla Edwards, Roselyn Kelada-Sedra, Aracely Reyes, Tijana Spasic)
directed by Naomi Abiola

Other Side of the Game

by Amanda Parris
directed by Cara Eastcott

Daylight 3:00PM-5:30PM

The 1st Time Project

by Ngozi Paul


by Chase Lo

8 Ways my Mother was Conceived

by Michaela di Cesare
directed by Tamara Brown

Sunset 5:30-8:00PM


by Jeff Ho
directed by Jajube Mandiela

These Kids

written & directed by Jason Maghanoy

Evening 8:00PM-11:30PM


by Rehaset
directed by Jajube Mandiela

Black Mothers Don’t Say I Love You

by trey anthony
directed by Djanet Sears

Late Night 11:30PM-3:00AM


by Lilia Leon


by Naomi Abiola

I Cannot Lie to the Stars that Made Me

by Catherine Hernandez
directed by Gein Wong

Write On! @ rps13

Open Mic led by Akhaji Zakiya

Outside the Box Dance Jam

featuring DJ L’Oqenz, burlesque performer Dainty Box, and body painting by Belinda Ageda!

Sunrise 3:00AM-9:00AM

Early Hours Smoothie Bar


Morning Yoga Asana & Meditation

with Nisha Ahuja

The Artist’s Manifesto

with Ngozi Paul

Finish Line 9:00AM-12:00NOON

Pancake Breakfast

with the b current Artistic Directors

Storytelling for Children

with Lillian Allen

What Noise is This?

by Marcel Stewart & Robert Macmenamin

User, Name and Password

by 404: Collective Not Found (April Leung, Jivesh Parasram, Jenna Rodgers, Miquelon Rodriquez)


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